Daybed “Shiloh” and Vintage Cabinets

Some new releases from Offbeat!

The Shiloh Daybed comes with an animation menu in both PG and Adult versions, and a texture change menu with many different textures for the bolsters and the blanket, and two different wood versions.

Shown below are only two texture versions.

daybed shiloh

daybed shiloh 2

Vintage Cabinets “Flourish” in four different versions:

cabinets flourish

Lamps “Flourish”, on/off on touch. The light each lamp gives off matches its colour.

lamps flourish

Available from Offbeat on Midsommar in InWorldz.


Lauren Wingback Armchair & Midsommar shops

Lauren Wingback Armchair comes with animations- and texture menu. A cosy wingback chair to kick back and relax.

lauren wingback

I’ve remade the old Midsommar shops, not exported but made from scratch in blender. Available in 5 exterior colours. Included is the AO map for the sign so you can can custom fit your logo.

midsommar navy

midsommar grey

midsommar green

midsommar blue

midsommar white

midsommar ground

midsommar up

And floor cushions, the round one with several chevron fabrics, the square one with lots of flowery fabrics. With animations- and texture -change menus.

floor cushion round

floor cushion square

All items are original, handmade mesh by yours truly. Available from Offbeat on Midsommar.

Madison Office Set & Minette Wrought Iron Set

Elegant Wrought iron Set “Minette” :

Table top is changeable on touch, the chair comes with several animations.

minette iron set

Madison Office Set consists of the desk, desk chair, memo board, desk lamp, file holder, pen holder and spiral notebook.

The office chair comes with several animations and textures.

desk set

The desk lamp comes in two versions – one with cable and socket and one without. Both versions (in black) are included in the set. All pieces are also available separately.


desk chair

desk lamp

memo boards

file holders

spiral notebooks

And something for the season: autumn shelves in two versions: dark traditional and modern light. Both images were made by Kahlan Paneer, a good friend of mine.

autumn shelves

Available from the Offbeat Mainstore on Midsommar.

All pieces are handmade, original mesh by me.

Clacton Beach Huts

Just in time for the warmer seasons (on the Southern hemisphere…) I just released new beach huts: Clacton, in several different colours. The floor and interior walls are changeable – you can choose between regular ambient occlusion or baked in sun shadows.

clacton navy

clacton bluewhite

clacton blue

clacton berry

clacton yellow

clacton tealwhite

clacton teal


Also new: pendant lamps

lamp pour

lamp glow orb


Available from the Offbeat mainstore on Midsommar.


Jonas Bar Set and Pagan Ways

It’s been a while since I released something new and when I finally did I forgot to update the blog. Sigh.

The good news is, I’ve had a very productive week. I’ve released a new bar set and I’ve been making all sorts of little pagan things for the new shop and cafe Pagan Ways. Most of the things I make for the pagan shop won’t be available at the Offbeat mainshop. Pagan Ways was the idea of Birch Wind . She wanted a place where pagans/wiccans can get everything they need for a virtual ritual and at the same time sit down and chat with friends or discuss and learn more about paganism. I thought that was a great idea so when she asked me I happily joined to help her. The shop/cafe is located on the Underworld sim, check my picks inworld for a TP.

Something else I think I failed to mention is that Birch and I also joined forces to blog here Living InWorldz . We write about everything InWorldz – from interviews with people, over events to fashion. You should follow the blog 😀

Here’s the new bar set Jonas, available in three wood finishes, separately or as a set, from the Offbeat mainstore on Midsommar.

bar colonial walnut

bar dark cherry

bar smoked oak


Fenced Flower Garden and Shell Curtains

New at Offbeat: A fenced flower garden with an animation to water your flowers. Just touch the watering can to get a can to wear and it will animate you.

fenced garden 1

fenced garden 2

fenced garden 4

fenced garden 3


Shell Curtains in six different colours. Available separately or in a value pack.

shell curtain blue shell curtain green and purple shell curtain green shell curtain grey shell curtain red shell curtain teal

shell curtains all

Camden Bookcases and Spring Decoration

Just released the Camden Bookcase in a variety of wood finishes and colours. Available are empty and filled versions with a lot of books and decor.


camden bookcase colours empty camden bookcase colours filled camden bookcase naturals empty camden bookcase naturals filled

camden bookcase colours filled

camden bookcase naturals empty

camden bookcase colours empty

And finally – Gachas! \o/ For 25 I’z per play you can get one of these:

birdies decor

tulips decor


All handmade, original mesh by Leanna Caerndow.

Available from the Offbeat mainstore on Midsommar in InWorldz (TP in my profile)

And before I forget: I set up a new bargain section with a lot of old(er) items at great prices.

Swedish Settle and Fireplaces

Now available from Offbeat: A traditional Swedish settle, also called kitchen bench. It comes with a texture change menu and a lot of great animations for singles, friends and couples – available in both PG and Adult versions.

swedish settle

Elegant fireplaces that look great in any home. Touch to turn the fire on or off.

fireplace walnut fireplace beech fireplace silver birch

All items are handmade, original mesh.

Kahlan Livingroom

The new living room set “Kahlan” is available in 3 different fabric options for sofa and armchair and three different wood finishes for the coffee and end table. Everything is available separately or as sets with adult or pg-only animations. 










Kahlan table lamp with touch on/off. 






Also new: storage boxes!




All items are handmade mesh.

Offbeat Mainstore on Midsommar in InWorldz. 

Coleford Bedroom Set

Released in December last year but I forgot to blog *blush*

The Coleford Bedroom Set is available in 3 different fabric options. It includes the bed, nightstands, table lamps, bench and wall art.

Available with adult or pg only animations.












Also new: paper lanterns in various different colours.



All handmade mesh. Available from the Offbeat Mainstore on Midsommar in InWorldz.